General Assembly: Set up a TipoPrint branch

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROMAQUA GROUP S.A. Borsec, registered under no. J 19/297/2008, C.U.I. RO402911, convenes the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held at Borsec headquarters, Carpati street no. 46, Harghita County, on 11.10.2016, at 11.00 with the following agenda:

  1. Approval of the establishment of a new branch, named ROMAQUA GROUP SA BORSEC SUCURSALA TIPOPRINT BUCHAREST, with headquarters in Bulevardul Bucurestii Noi nr. 52, sector 1, with main activity: 1812 Other printing activities n.c.a.
  2. Designate the branch’s empowerment and mandate for the registration of the branch and authorization of its activity at ORC Bucharest.
  3. Approval of the completion of ROMAQUA GROUP SA’s activity object with the following activities:

1820 Reproduction of records.

2562 General Mechanical Operations

The shareholder registered in the Shareholders’ Register of ROMAQUA GROUP SA at reference date 12.09.2016 can participate to AGEA.

In case of not having the minimum number of members required to make a decision required by the law and the constitutive act, the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders shall be held on 12.10.2016, at 09.00, at the headquarters in Borsec, Carpati street no. 46, Harghita county and with the same agenda. 

Published on: 08 September 2016.