A driver of the Romanian economy

Romaqua is a successful Romanian company, the key to its constant development consisting of a balance between socio-economic aspects and natural capital.

Over 30,000 jobs in Romania are related to the manufacturing and trade of Romaqua Group’s portfolio products. One job within Romaqua Group supports around 17 other jobs in related fields of work, such as: agriculture, utilities, transport, manufacture of equipment and packaging, media and advertising.

Romaqua Group provides jobs to virtually 70% of the workforce in the town of Borsec; at least one member of each family is employed by the company.

Objective. Sustainable exploitation of mineral water springs

"The mineral waters are clear and wonderful to taste when they are drunk from the palm of the hands, and kneeling at the spring."

Vasile Alecsandri
The care for the protection of natural mineral water resources represents a major objective of the Romaqua Group.
Exploitation of natural mineral water springs is achieved even at high demand, at an optimum level, without exhausting available resources and without destroying the environment, thus without compromising the ability to meet the need for quality water for future generations.

Top-of-the-range technology

24 complete production and bottling lines – a total capacity of over 1 billion litres per year.

Romaqua Group’s technologies for the manufacturing of PET packaging and bottling make up 17 full lines, with a total bottling capacity of over 1 billion litres per year.

The Sebeș brewery - a Greenfield Investment, with the newest-available technology, worldwide.

The Sebeș investment was commissioned in May 2008, and it is a greenfield project integrating the world’s newest technologies, being one of the most modern breweries worldwide. The German manufacturing and bottling technology utilised fully combines, for the first time, within a single plant, the newest manufacturing processes, as well as leading technology.

Consumer satisfaction

The consumer has always been Romaqua Group’s focal point. All manufactured and bottled products must fully meet consumer needs, desires and tastes. New product alternatives, new assortments, as well as new packaging concepts are constantly being developed, to stay as close to consumers as possible.


Clients, partners, shareholders, employees, local communities, and regulatory institutions- these are all integral parts of Romaqua Group’s work environment and the interests of each party are carefully considered.