Vision for the future

Romaqua Group Borsec is an entirely domestic, privately held company, established in 1998, with a turnover of 170 million euro. Throughout its more than 23 years of activity, significant investments have been made, totalling over 250 million euro, particularly in global state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, with a view to obtaining products which meet the highest quality standards.

The Group has approximately 2,000 employees at 7 plants in Borsec, Bucharest, Bușteni, Sebeș, and Stânceni. The Sebeș brewery is a greenfield project completed in the year 2008, equipped with the most modern technology available worldwide at the time.

A leader in Romania

Romaqua Group is a leader in the natural mineral water market, with the Borsec brand, and also in the soft drinks market, with the Giusto Natura brand. The Albacher brand has a leading position in the beer market.

The Romaqua Group - a company for a green environment

Environmental protection projects.
Fuel- and energy-saving technologies.
Waste reclamation and recovery.
Efficient management of water and CO2 consumption.

Direct and indirect investments related to environmental protection are materialized in technologies leading to fuel and energy savings, the reduction of emissions, wastes, etc. in environmental projects, the protection of natural reserves, in the reclamation and recovery of the wastes resulting from the production process, the protection of hydrogeological areas, internal preform recycling, top-of-the-range treatment plants which guarantee clean water discharge, and the efficient management of water and CO2 consumption.

The company’s average energy consumption is down to 80%, when compared with the industry average value, thanks to efficient production management across all the company’s plants.

PET material consumption for preforms and packaging was reduced by an average of 10%, thanks to the internal optimization of technological networks and processes.

Identification data

Romaqua Group Borsec S.A.

Registered office: Str. Carpați No. 46, Borsec, Harghita County
Trade Register number: J19/297/2008
Tax reference number: RO402911
Bank account: RO84CECEB 31930RON3405700 CEC Bank
Share capital: RON 23,316,523.00