Vision for the future

The Romaqua Group Borsec is a privately owned company with integral inland capital, set up in 1998, with a turnover rate of over 145 million euros. In over 19 years of activity, significant investments amounting to more than 220 million euros have been made, especially in world-class technologies and equipment, in order to obtain products of the highest quality standard.

The group has about 2,000 employees working in 6 factories in Borsec, Bucharest, Busteni, Sebes and Stanceni. The factories in Stanceni, Sebes and Borsec 2 are all greenfield projects, benefiting from the most modern technology available at that time worldwide.

Leader in Romania

The Romaqua Group is the absolute leader in the mineral water market with the Borsec brand, but also on the market for soft drinks with the Giusto Natura brand. The Albacher brand is the only autohnon player in the beer industry to rank among the top five beer markets in Romania.

The Romaqua Group - a company for a green environment

Environmental protection projects.
Technologies geared towards achieving fuel and energy savings.
Recovery and capitalization of waste.
Performance management of water and CO2 consumption.

Direct and indirect environmental investments translate into technologies that lead to fuel and energy savings, emission reduction, waste, etc. in environmental projects, the protection of nature reserves, the recovery and capitalization of waste resulting from production, Protection of hydrogeological perimeters, efficient wastewater treatment plants precisely to ensure clean water evacuation, efficient management of water and CO2 consumption.

The average energy consumption of the company is reduced to 80% compared to the average of the industrial branch, due to the efficient management of the production organization at all factories of the company.

The consumption of PET material for molding preforms and packaging was reduced, on average, by 10% through internal optimization of recipes and technological processes.

Identification data

Romaqua Group Borsec S.A.

Headquarters: Str. Carpati no. 46, Borsec, Jud. Harghita Tax Code: J19 / 297/2008 Unique ID: RO402911 Bank account: RO84CECEB 31930RON3405700 CEC Bank SA Sala Palatului Share capital: 23,412,798 RON