Your dose of action, always within your reach

Energy boosts provided by tonic drinks have turned into a lifestyle for numerous students during intense exam periods, for those who prefer to study at night, as well as for drivers who have to cover long distances on crowded roads. Even for fitness coaches wishing to attain performance and regain their internal-energy feel, energy drinks have become a lifestyle constant.

The recipe for a boost of energy to the brain and muscles

Unlike the effect of caffeinated drinks, which lasts up to 1 or 2 hours, the effect of energy drinks lasts for 3 or 4 hours. Carbonated energy drinks improve efficiency, and they may be consumed in any situation: in your car, at the office, on the road, without requiring a special location or a consumption routine, as it is the case with coffee or tea consumption.

Caffeine has a stimulating effect: 100 mg of caffeine stimulates mental activity, and approximately 200 milligrams increase the heart’s endurance.

Taurine is an amino-acid which is accumulated in the muscle tissue and may stimulate the heart muscle.

Carnitine contributes to the quick oxidation of fatty acids, stimulating the metabolism and reducing muscle fatigue.

A vitamin and glucose complex has a role in oxidizing processes and in providing energy to the muscles, the brain, as well as to other vital organs.

Moderate consumption is recommended

We recommend rest, to allow the body’s internal resources to recover after the effect of the drink wears out, as well as avoiding consumption after exercising, to prevent high blood pressure. Not to be consumed by pregnant women, children and teenagers with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, sleep disorders, high excitability and sensitivity to caffeine. Do not mix the energy drink with caffeine or alcohol-containing drinks.

Extra protection. Hygienic Lid Cap

The Giusto Electrik Energy Drink can is provided with a protective aluminium foil, which prevents dust from settling on the upper part of the can, allowing you to enjoy your energy drink carefree.