The delicious flavor of fruit for all tastes

Launched by the Romaqua Group Borsec in 2005, the Giusto Natura range of soft drinks enjoyed immediate success, with the brand becoming, after only three years, the volume leader of the still drink market in Romania.

Consumers have gladly discovered the taste and natural flavors of oranges, grapefruit, sour cherries, pineapple, tropical fruits, banana-strawberries, pear and peach, while appreciating the quality and special flavor of the products.

Mountain water and fruit juice

The joy of sharing fruit flavor with the whole family

The taste of Giusto Natura range of soft drinks is pure mountain water in the Bucegi area, combined with the delicious flavor of aromatic fruits. Enter a wonderful world, delicious flavored fruit world! Enjoy the whole family with Giusto Natura!

For perfect silhouettes

The same delicious taste with fewer calories

The light non-carbonated soft drink variant Giusto Natura is a range of fructose and sweeteners, created especially for those who do not want to compromise between physical shape and delicious taste. With a low calorie content, the Giusto Natura Light range includes the preferred tastes of Orange, Tropical fruits and Grapefruit.