A drop of life in the heart of Transylvania, in the Calimani Mountains

Climbing from the heart of the Caliman Mountains – volcanic mountains, the natural mineral water of Stânceni is one of the few natural oligo morphological waters that offer optimal hydration and good functioning of the body. The Stânceni hydromineral reservoir is situated in the southern part of the Călimani Mountains, in the Mureş Defile of the Mureş Landscape, on the valley of the Mermezeu brook, at approx. 6 km upstream of its confluence with the Mureş River. The place of occurrence of mineral water sources is at an altitude of 800 m, in a forested area, away from any human activity.

In its natural state, the natural mineral water “Stânceni” is carbonated and comes from andestic volcanic rocks. The aquifer is powered by infiltration of rainwater to an estimated depth of approx. 200 m, where the mixture with carbon dioxide from post-volcanic manifestations is made, the main mineralizing and hydrodynamic factor. (Natural Mineral Water Guide – APEMIN)

The beginning of the bottling activity dates back to 1977, when bottled water in 1 liter bottles was distributed more locally in Mures County. Later, in 2006, a new, modern, greenfield investment factory built by Romaqua Group is being built.

Springs of living water

Perfectly balanced mineral content.

2: 1 - Ideal ratio between calcium and magnesium.

The Stânceni Springs are located in the central part of Romania, in the Eastern Carpathians, the protected area of Calimani National Park.
With a low mineral content, the natural mineral water of Stânceni has a hypotonic character, being rapidly absorbed by human body cells and being easily filtered by the kidney system. As a result of its diuretic properties, the mineral water Stânceni contributes to detoxifying the body and accelerating metabolic functions.
Due to the CO2 content and calcium and magnesium ions, the natural mineral water Stanceni stimulates appetite, favoring digestion and can have diuretic effects. Mineralization recommends it to be drunk throughout the day. The natural mineral water “Stânceni” has a perfectly balanced mineral content, the ideal ratio of 2: 1 between calcium and magnesium, supporting the good functioning of the body in everyday stress, pollutant environment and agglomerated lifestyle.

Quality awarded with gold

Mineral Water Challenge – International Water Award

The jury of the “Mineral Water Challenge”, held in Portugal in 2015, awarded the “Gold Medal” of the carbonated natural mineral water of Stânceni. With a score of 97 points, out of a maximum of 100, the mineral water Stânceni managed to place itself at the top of the ranking, outpacing the 175 mineral waters enrolled.

In 2019 and 2020, Stanceni mineral water was granted the Superior Taste Award – 2 stars in the tasting contest organized by the International Taste Insititute in Brussels.