Ideal for babies, recommended for the whole family

The oligomorphic natural mineral water Aquatique has its source in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, at an altitude of 1,100 m, in the protected area of the Natural Park Bucegi, the natural reserve “The Abrupt Prahovean”. With a balanced composition and reduced mineralization of only 104 mg/l, Aquatique is a natural mineral water that is recommended for frequent use of the entire family.

Aquatique meets the composition and purity criteria to be used by babies and children, with the recommended mineral water content being below 120 mg/l.

Named the best sill mineral water by mothers

Aquatique natural oligomineral water – winner in the “Mineral water for infants and young children” category.

The study, conducted by Forbes Romania in collaboration with D & D Research, ran from July to September 2016, including an extensive survey of mothers’ opinion across the country.

The top was based on the responses of mothers aged between 22 and 35 who have children between 0 and 5 years of age and who live in 41 cities in Romania with over 50,000 inhabitants. Mothers were asked to specify what mineral water they use for their baby, to name the watermark they trust, which is the safest for their child and to name the water brand with the highest quality.

Aquatique obtained the highest score for all these criteria, being the best mineral water for infants and young children.


In 2008, Aquatique was awarded by the International Institute for Quality Selections – Monde Selection Bruxelles with the „Grand Gold Medal“.

Confirmed by specialists

Institute of Mother and Child Protection “Alfred Rusescu”

As a confirmation of its beneficial properties for babies, following a clinical study, the Alfred Rusescu Mother and Child Care Institute attests that the Aquatique natural mineral water meets the criteria for the preparation of baby foods.

Romanian Pediatric Society

The Romanian Pediatric Society also confirms that Aquatique oligomorphic water can be used as such or for preparing food for babies and children.

Water, an essential element in the proper nutrition of babies

For young children and infants, the consumption of a sufficient amount of liquid is essential for health. Their body weight consists largely of water, so it is vital to keep the little ones well hydrated.

If the baby is breastfed exclusively, there is no need for additional hydration with water, tea or other liquids. However, if breastfeeding is not possible, the milk formula recommended by the pediatrician is the best feeding solution. Thus, cardinal importance is the quality and composition of the water with which the milk formula is prepared.

The Ministry of Health recommends that infants should be fed only with milk, either breast or baby, until the age of six months, after which solid foods can be introduced into the baby’s diet. The ideal baby drink is milk or water.

Introducing water as an alternative drink will help you develop good habits for your baby. Water is the primary substance in most foods, and from the glass of water required for hydration to the cooking water, the need for good quality water is imperative. Therefore, water with a low mineral content (< 120 mg/l) should be used, and European pediatric societies recommend sodium concentrations in water for feeding and moisturizing the baby below 20 mg/l.

Aquatique, recommended for hydrating the whole family

From the chemical composition point of view, flat oligomineral water is best suited to consume for very long periods.

The daily water requirement depends on height, weight, ambient temperature, health status, activity level and nutrition. The advice of specialists is a consumption of 30-40 ml of water per kg body per day. For most people who live in a balanced climate, two liters of water could be enough to carry out vital processes.

Water and tea are the main representatives of liquids that keep the silhouette. We recommend that you prepare the flat oligomineral water tea because boiling does not remove nitrites, nitrates and heavy metals that can be found in tap water.

Essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as in slimming regimens

Water plays an important role in the dissolution and transport of nutrients throughout the body: vitamins, minerals, carbonates and oxygen. It is also essential for processes of digestion, assimilation, elimination and removal of toxins in the body. So even if we are in a diet or not, it is always very important to consume enough water to avoid dehydration. If the water intake is too low, the ability to transport the nutrients is compromised, which will quickly occur at the muscular level.

  • Helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body (the more toxins the body contains, the more weight loss is lost).
  • In the initial phase of the regime, water is especially lost to be replaced to avoid dehydration.
  • Sufficient water consumption prevents constipation.