The story of an authentic beer

By combining the German beer brewing tradition with modern technology, Mühlbacher was born, a lager-like unpasteurized blonde beer, pale straw-colored with a crystalline limpidide.

Specific to authentic lager type beer, Mühlbacher is a light and refreshing beer, rich in carbon dioxide, a fine pearl and a balanced flavor with a pleasant bitter taste. These features recommend it at any time of the day, but ideal for sunny summer terraces.

A light lager beer, enriched with the Perle hops flavor

A light beer, with an original 8 ° P and 4% alcohol extract, ideal for consumers who prefer light, refreshing beers with a lower alcohol content and a bitter taste.

Made according to a traditional recipe, Mühlbacher beer is distinguished by a pure taste and a perfectly balanced natural flavor, coming from four types of German hops that give it a clean, pleasant bitter taste, then ennobled by the aroma of Perle hops. The pearl is amplified by the rich carbon dioxide content.

Thanks to the maturity at low temperatures (below 0 ° C), Mühlbacher keeps its freshness and pearl for a long time after opening, and due to its advanced fermentation, it also has a low sugar content.

The traditional German recipe, brought to perfection by state-of-the-art technology

Traditional recipe, natural ingredients and technological innovations for a refreshing beer with full taste, unpasteurized.

By using a modern high-quality production and bottling system, we get the natural flavor of the Mühlbacher beer, fully retained in the packaging process. The bottling line allows eliminating the destructive pasteurization process and replacing it with ultramodern membrane filtration and cold sterilization methods. They keep the taste and aroma of the Mühlbacher beer unchanged and guarantee the maintenance of freshness for a long time.

Oxyproof. Guarantee of freshness

The OxyProof barrier system – a technology innovation that includes both the lid and PET packaging material, simultaneously prevents the loss of carbon dioxide and the penetration of oxygen, guaranteeing the freshness and flavor of Albacher’s beer.