A proper beer: the authentic unpasteurised German dry-lager

Dorfer is a common, German dry-lager beer, with a pale straw hue and crystalline limpidity, thanks to the cold microfiltration.

Created from great varieties of hops and malt and manufactured in a state-of-the-art German production and bottling system, Dorfer is a beer made to the highest quality standards, maintaining its natural flavour for a long time.

It is manufactured by advanced fermentation- this also accounts for its low sugar content. To achieve its medium bitterness, we use four types of German hops. The exclusively natural ingredients are fermented according to a traditional recipe, rendering the unique and distinctive character of Dorfer beer, its pure taste and perfectly balanced natural flavour.

A crystalline dry lager with bitter notes

A common German dry-lager beer, which can always be enjoyed with friends

Dorfer is a light beer with an original of 9.6°P extract and 4.9% alcohol, slightly stronger than Albacher, ideal for consumers preferring light beers, but with a stronger bitter taste. Due to low-temperature maturation (below 0°C), the carbon dioxide is rich and persistent, and beer maintains its freshness and bubbles for a long time after opening.

Technological innovations and natural ingredients for a premium quality beer

Traditional recipe, natural ingredients and technological innovations for a refreshing beer with a full, unpasteurised flavour.

The innovative high-quality German production and bottling system allows for a genuine premium-quality, pure, biologically wholesome beer. The ultra-modern membrane filtration and cold sterilization methods completely eliminate the destructive pasteurization process, while fully maintaining the full genuine taste and aroma of Dorfer beer. At the same time, they guarantee it will remain fresh over long periods of time.

Extra protection. Hygienic Lid Cap

The Hygienic Lid Cap aluminium foil maintains the top of the can clean. Thus, you can be sure you will always enjoy your beer under maximum safety and hygiene.

OxyProof. Freshness Guarantee

The OxyProof barrier system – a technological innovation involving both the lid and the packaging’s PET material simultaneously prevents the loss of carbon dioxide and the diffusion of oxygen, guaranteeing the freshness and flavour of Dorfer beer.