The full flavour of an unpasteurized beer

Albacher is a Premium Lager beer, made exclusively from natural ingredients: water, malt, corn and hops. Brewed according to a traditional German recipe, this beer has a unique and distinctive character, reflected in a pure taste and a perfectly balanced natural flavour; a light beer for you to you enjoy any time.

Albacher beer is a fresh, unpasteurized, cold-filtered beer, brewed by using state-of-the-art technologies. It is a living beer which maintains its character. Due to low-temperature fermentation, the carbon dioxide persists, and the beer maintains its freshness and bubbles long after opening.

Albacher Premium.

Natural ingredients, authentic beer from the German Helles beer family, combined with the latest technology, to help you stay refreshed.

With an original 11°P extract and 4.8% alcohol, Albacher is a non-pasteurized, pale, straw-coloured and crystal-clear premium German Helles-type lager. It has medium bitterness, rendered by the flavour of four types of German hops, with a clean, pleasant taste, refined by the flavour of Perle hops.

The beer’s flavour, robustness and fullness are medium-level, with fragrances provided by Pilsen-type malt and balancing malt and hops flavours. It also stands out through a bubbly sensation, due to its high carbon dioxide content.  Albacher beer’s unique flavour is obtained by blending natural ingredients and authentic German tradition with the latest production and filtering technology.

Albacher Winter

A special Helles Bock-type, malty beer, created to bring flavour to the winter holidays.

With an original 16°P extract and 7 % alcohol, Albacher Winter is a non-pasteurized beer, produced by cold microfiltration, belonging to Helles Bock or a European strong lager type: an intense, dark gold, straw-coloured crystal-clear beer. Unlike Albacher Premium, the Albacher Winter assortment is entirely made from malt, following a German recipe, a beer for the holidays, which is robust, with high alcohol and extract content, ideal for consumption during the cold season.

Albacher Winter has a medium bitterness level and a clean, flowery flavour, owing to a special mix of 4 types of German hops. The deep notes, richly nuanced, originate from the 3 types of malt, to which a slightly sweetish note is added, due to a special type of hops added just before fermentation.

Albacher Easter Brew

The spring-like effervescence of a Bavarian Pils-type beer, with fresh hops tones

With a 12°P original extract and 5.2% alcohol, Albacher Easter Brew is a non-pasteurized beer, of Bavarian Pils type: pale yellow, with crystalline limpidity, through cold microfiltration. Brewed around Easter time, this is a full-bodied beer, moderately hoppy, with an effervescent nature due to its high carbon dioxide content. Its bitter note, balanced out by the malt flavour, originates from the four types of German malts. These are behind the clean and balanced bitter taste, while the luscious head of foam completes the hoppy aroma.

Albacher Radler

Created for men, also adored by women; a fresh and invigorating mix, for relaxing times in summer

Albacher Radler is the perfect combination of the freshness of lemonade and the authentic taste of Albacher Premium non-pasteurized beer, produced through cold microfiltration, and brewed using four types of malt and hops, according to an original German recipe. With a low alcohol content of only 2%, and a fresh, vigorous and refreshing taste, Albacher Radler is the ideal summer drink for dynamic and relaxing breaks.

Albacher Radler originates from a Bavarian recipe over a century old: they say that the idea behind this original mix stems from the initiative of a German innkeeper, who, while waiting for cyclists, realized he did not have enough beer for all of them. Inspired, he used his imagination and talent to mix beer with fresh lemonade. The new recipe gained immediate success and soon became popular. The German Radler recipe is now presented to Romanians by Albacher Radler.

Internationally acknowledged quality

Albacher Premium 0.66 l granted the gold Award at the World Selection 2016 2019 and 2022 international competition organized by Monde Selection Belgium.
The German manufacturing and bottling technology used fully combines, for the first time and within a single plant, the newest manufacturing processes, as well as leading technology.

Production and bottling. The world’s most modern technology

The genuine natural flavour of Albacher beer is fully retained during the production process, due to state-of-the-art membrane filtration and microfiltering methods replacing the classical filtering process. They keep Albacher’s taste and aroma unchanged, while ensuring that freshness is maintained over long periods of time.

The entire production and bottling system is German-made, respecting the highest quality standards and benefiting from state-of-the-art technological innovations.

They provide a genuine natural, pure, biologically pure beer, the premium quality of which is guaranteed by both the natural ingredients used and the control of the purity of the yeast crops obtained at its own station.

Natural ingredients and yeast cultures grown on its own location: a premium, natural, pure, biologically complete beer.

The recipe for a noble beer

Water: from the springs of Şureanu Mountains

Water is one of the basic raw materials for beer brewing, representing, on average, 88% of its composition, and influencing its quality. The most known and typical beers brewed worldwide owe their particular properties to the quality of the water from which they are obtained.

The water used to produce Albacher beer is a soft water, similar to that used for beer brewing in the Pilzen region, in the Czech Republic. The water is taken from a natural source- from the springs of the Şureanu Mountains.

To reap maximum benefit from the properties of the water during the manufacturing process, it is microfiltered, eliminating any potential traces of biological and chemical contaminants, thus obtaining the perfect water for brewing.

Malt: from the most famous of European maltsters

This is the main raw material used when brewing Albacher beer. The malt is obtained from a barley germination and drying process. It is produced in maltings, and the recipe for Albacher beer uses blonde malt, selected from well known maltsters across Romania and Europe.

Malt’s role in beer-brewing is essential, because malt wort is derived as the result of a brewing process (the beer wort, by fermentation, under the action of yeast, turns mainly into alcohol and carbon dioxide.) It is also the malt which produces the beer’s yellow colour, the luscious foam and the beer’s taste and fullness.

Hops: perfect aroma and taste

Hops are indispensable in beer brewing, rendering the beer’s bitter, specific flavour. The value of hops in the brewing process is provided mainly by bitter substances and by essential oils.

The hop plant belongs to the Humulus genus within the Cannabaceae family and, more specifically, to the Humulus lupulus species. The only part of the hop plant used for brewing is the hop cone, which represents the female inflorescence.  Hop cones have to be picked when they are matured and within ten days after reaching technical maturity.

Hops are used in the recipe for Albacher’s brewing process, after the malt wort is obtained. In this stage, the selected recipe provides the bitter taste of the bitter hops and the floral taste, specific for the aroma hops. This is a noble variety of hops and, depending on what type is used, it has created, over the course of time. the famous European beers and much more.

Hops play an essential role in protecting beer from microorganisms, helping to form beer foam, and scientific studies have also proven their antioxidant effect, which fosters good health.

Maize flour: a light beer you can always enjoy

Maize flour, also used by European and American breweries is employed in the manufacturing process as an unmalted cereal, which, from a technological technologically speaking presents an essential contribution to the beer’s distinct character.

Processed along with malt, it helps to obtain lighter beers, improving the physical stability of beer, as well as its aspect and clarity.

Unlike Albacher Premium, the Albacher Winter assortment is entirely brewed from malt, according to a German recipe, making it a full-bodied, festive beer, rich in extracts and alcohol.

Extra protection. Hygienic Lid Cap

The Hygienic Lid Cap aluminium foil maintains the top of the can clean. Thus, you can be sure you will always enjoy your beer with maximum safety and hygiene.

OxyProof. Freshness Guarantee

The OxyProof barrier system – a technological innovation which includes both the lid, and the packaging’s PET material, simultaneously prevents the loss of carbon dioxide and the penetration of oxygen, guaranteeing the freshness and flavour of Albacher beer.