Convocation of AGEA according to the provisions of art. 117² of Law 31/1990


Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROMAQUA GROUP S.A. Borsec, registered under no. J 19/297/2008, C.U.I. RO402911, convenes the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held at Bucharest headquarters, Bucurestii Noi Boulevard no. 52, sector 1, on 08.08.2017, 12.30 with the next



  1. Approval of the dissolution of the company MAGNUM GROUP SA, registered with no. J40 / 6797/1998, CUI 11704435, located in Bucharest, Bdul. Bucurestii Noi 52, sector 1.
  2. Approval of the notification of the Authority for State Assets Administration to update the social payments to the share capital of Romaqua Group SA, respectively to pay the cash contribution in the amount of 151,674.26 lei, the equivalent of the land surface located in Toplita, Sportivilor Street, Harghita county, the surface brought by AAAS as a contribution in kind to the social capital of the company, following the loss of ownership of the above mentioned land by civil sentence no. 1098 / 09.12.2009 of the Toplita Court and the obligation of AAAS to pay the amount of 151,674.26 lei for compensations, representing the value of the land lost through civil sentence no. 6557 / 15.05.2012 of the Bucharest Tribunal – 6th Civil Section.
  3. Various discussion.


The shareholder registered in the Shareholders’ Register of ROMAQUA GROUP SA at reference date 01.07.2017 can participate to AGEA.

Shareholders can participate and vote in AGEA and through representation on the basis of a power of attorney granted for that general meeting, where proxies will be deposited in the original 48 hours before the meeting and will be retained in the company.

In case of not having the minimum number of members required to make a decision required by the law and the constitutive act, the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders shall be held on 09.08.2017, at 09.30, at Bucharest headquarters, Bucurestii Noi Bd. 52, sector 1, with the same order of day.