Borsec, once again a Superbrand

The Superbrand status has been awarded to Borsec, after a market research study conducted by Superbrands Romania with the help of IPSOS, on 1.500 subjects, based on criteria such as quality, trust and market differentiation.

According to the study, Borsec has an exceptional level of awareness of over 90% and is a market leader in the Beverages-Waters category, sustaining its position in all of the Consumer Superbrands organized by Superbrands Romania. The initial research list considered 1200 brands from almost 50 business categories. This list was sent for evaluation to the Superbrands Council, an organization formed from 30 professionals, experts in management, marketing, communication and branding.

After the evaluation of the Superbrands Council, only half of the brands were included in the consumer research, conducted on the representative sample of 1500 subjects from the urban area. Following this stage of the research, 370 brand were validated as Superbrands. Borsec is a leader in the Beverages – Waters category, maintaining its Superbrand position every edition.

Borsec is the most popular brand of natural mineral water from Romania, with a tradition of over 210 years of industrial bottling.

Romaqua - Borsec - 2018