Borsec, the most powerful Romanian brand

Borsec is again the most powerful local brand, according to Top 100 of the strongest Romanian brands, launched by Biz together with Unlock Market Research. Borsec is the champion of Romanian brands, taking the first position in the top, a favorite brand, close to the consumers. BrandRo, the “100 Most Powerful Romanian Brands”, at its eighth edition, measures the “power” of Romanian brands from the perspective of trust and affection investment that is given to them by consumers without taking into account financial and commercial indices. The study is based on 1,000 online interviews and is representative at urban level, region level, degree of urbanization, gender and age distribution of the population between 18 and 55 years of age. Respondents made choices between brand names, and they chose what is the most important and the least important mark for them. They have made multiple choices between unique brand combinations. Following these choices, a preference index for each brand was calculated, which was then analyzed along with the importance index of each category, thus achieving the final score. The performance of the Romanian brands is measured on the basis of three indicators: the importance of the brand, the degree of use and its reputation. The Romanians were asked how the Romanian marks are, and the answer was that the Romanian marks are simple, natural, traditionally accessible, at a good price, durable and original. Mineral water is a category with a tradition in Romania, remaining a cornerstone for what are Romanian brands and one of the things that managed to lead us abroad, being recognized both in terms of quality and long tradition. The Queen of Mineral Waters – Borsec, is a brand with a tradition of over 210 years, which succeeded in imposing itself by its exceptional quality, being a genuine national value.