Aquatique, 10 years of spectacular growth


Press release. Buşteni, June 29, 2017

Aquatique, 10 years of spectacular growth

The Romaqua Group celebrates 10th anniversary since the launch of flat natural oligomineral water Aquatique


Aquatique has its spring in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, at an altitude of 1,100 m in the protected area of Bucegi Natural Park, the Natural Reserve of Prahovean Abrupt. Aquatique’s flat oligomineral water bottling began on June 30, 2007.

Only one year after its launch in 2008, Aquatique was awarded the Grand Gold Medal Award from the International Quality Selection Institute, Monde Selection, Brussels, and is thus recognized as a distinctive asset.

According to the best children’s products made in 2016 by Forbes Romania, Aquatique’s natural oligomorphic water has been named the winner of the “Mineral Water for Infants and Young Children” category.

We are proud of the results registered by the Aquatique brand annually, the fact that it is the favorite water of parents for their children, that we have managed to raise it from scratch and bring it close to the hearts and preferences of consumers”, said Mihaela Draghici, PR Director of the Romaqua Group.

On the natural mineral water market, Aquatique has a market share in excess of 5% (January-May 2017), according to the Romaqua Group. Export of natural mineral water Aquatique is made in China, and this year is expected to enter the United States and the UK.

“If, in 2007, we bottled 7 million liters of oligomorphic natural water Aquatique, in 2016 we have bottled nearly 45 million liters. For such a young brand as Aquatique the results are more than satisfactory. In each of the last three years, sales have increased by 50%, so we are very optimistic about brand development and this year we want to sell over 65 million liters”, said Radu Lăzăroiu, Managing Director of the Romaqua Group.

The spectacular increases are due in particular to the intrinsic qualities of water, namely the extremely low sodium content, 1 mg / l, as well as the low mineral content, with a residual residue of 104 mg / l, which recommends it for the preparation of baby food and also in salt-free diets for adults.

Aquatique is oligomineral natural mineral water attested by both the Romanian Pediatric Society and the Alfred Rusescu Mother and Child Care Institute. According to the clinical study conducted by the Institute for Mother and Child Protection “Alfred Rusescu”, the oligo compromised natural water Aquatique meets all the conditions for being recommended in the infant’s diet. The results of this study were confirmed by the Romanian Pediatric Society: “Aquatique corresponds in all respects and has all the qualities to be used for the preparation of baby food and for consumption as such.”

Aquatique has been a 100% romanian success for the past 10 years, a brand built from scratch, which has gained a clear position in consumer preferences.

Aquatique is just one of many reasons why it is worthwhile to for us believe in what we do, to be proud and to choose “Made in Romania“!



About the Romaqua Group

The Romaqua Group, a 19-year privately owned company with integral inland capital, has successful brands in the portfolio: Borsec (natural mineral waters), Stânceni (natural mineral water), Aquatique (natural oligomineral mineral water), Giusto (refreshments) Giusto Natura (flat soft drinks), Albacher, Dorfer and Mühlbacher (beer). Borsec is the leader of the natural mineral water market, and Giusto Natura is the leader of the still-drink market. The Romaqua Group has more than 2,000 employees and a turnover rate of over 155 million euros.


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Mihaela Drăghici

PR Director of the Romaqua Group Borsec